Photographic Footprint Infographic

This infographic shows the amount of photographs taken over the course of several years reflected in hard drive space. It is interesting for me to see which months I had taken more photographs because I can correlate certain times of my life -- my photographic journey.

Love Love Love

An experiment with visualizing the embodying characteristics of the word, "Love." The primary image bleeds, is dreamlike, messy, fuzzy, sharp, is well lit, but with light comes shadows.
Medium: Hatchet on Drywall

Point of Contact

What is it? This project is a campaign for mitigating the risks of influenza transmission through heightened hygiene and also through encouraging higher rates of immunization.

Media Violence Posters

This series of posters were designed to appeal to one's emotion or pathos. Each poster uses a different method: type & image, image only, or type only.

Blossom Festival

This project involved creating a bilingual visual system for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. It includes a booklet, posters, an event ticket, and examples of signage.


This is a poster series designed to convey the word, "Capitalism," using patterns found in currency.

Story Slam

An event poster using experimental photography, a coaster, and destroyed typography.