Canadian Public Health Assocation | Corporate Manual

This fictitious project was redesigning the corporate identity of the Canadian Public Health Association. It includes an extensive styleguide along with the redesigned logo and elements.

Point of Contact

What is it? This project is a campaign for mitigating the risks of influenza transmission through heightened hygiene and also through encouraging higher rates of immunization.

Blossom Festival

This project involved creating a bilingual visual system for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. It includes a booklet, posters, an event ticket, and examples of signage.


Pivot is a nicotine gum anti-smoking aid. As the name suggests, everything about the package sets is focused around helping the user turn away from smoking; to pivot. The logo, graphic treatment, and colours are a play on the idea of caution one should have around highly addictive substances like tobacco. The complete set of packages comes in two, three, and four packages.